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Citrix ShareFile : Overview of key features

During the month, we will present you features that are undeniable assets of the ShareFile solution. As a reminder, ShareFile is a solution for sharing and storing documents based on Citrix technology. A real alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, the solution can be hosted either in the KissLabs datacenter in Switzerland or directly On-premises by integrating perfectly with existing infrastructures.

ShareFile improves enterprise collaboration with a versioning system giving you the ability to work on the same files as your colleagues and manage the merge changes.

KissFile - Citrix ShareFile - Main dashboard

The icon KissFile - Citrix ShareFile - Logo Versionning means you that there are several versions of the file indicated.

It is therefore possible to download the versions of the file that interest you. Below, if we take the example of the PDF file named “KISSFile Presentation.pdf”, there are 3 versions with several characteristics : the date and time of modification, the name and the author of the last modifications.

KissFile - Citrix ShareFile - Main dashboard

This feature addresses the following issues :

  • “Our teams do not always work on the latest version of the document ! “
  • “We lost billable hours because we worked on one file and the versions crashed”
  • “We do not collaborate solely through Microsoft Exchange”

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