Protect your email with an antispam shield!

Faced with the new wave of spread of malware that the MELANI reported last week, we chose to focus on an inseparable element of your messaging: antispam. To avoid spam, we offer a hosted solution in our datacenter in Switzerland.

It can be configured upstream of any existing messaging solution (your own servers, G Suite, Office 365 …) and allows you to take control of the security of the exchanges and to protect against current threats such as phishing, crypto locker or other common scams.

The advantages offered by our solution are:

  • Spam Filtering: KissLabs antispam scans your entire mail traffic to prevent unwanted messages from arriving in your users’ inboxes. The solution guarantees 99.97% spam detection through various analyzes including: real time blacklists (RBLs), lists of websites spotted in unwanted messages (SURBLs), identification of the sending servers (SPF) and policies related to the sender.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware analysis: the solution contains two antiviruses, Kaspersky Lab and Clam AV, to stop the infiltration of viruses and malware into your network via emails.
  • White listing / black listing: the solution allows you to add a black or white list of email addresses or directly a complete domain. You can, if necessary, uniquely authorize an email.
  • Reporting: KissLabs sends a quarantine report to each user at the desired frequency. The quarantine report contains a list of unsuccessful or unsafe emails. The end user himself chooses to deliver the message, whitelister the sender or delete the message from the quarantine.
  • Delegation: It is entirely possible to delegate the administration of your domain to one or more administrators allowing them to benefit from a web administration console with delegated management and to apply in a few clicks a security policy for the Users in a simple, fast, efficient and remote way.

Antispam - Dashboard

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