KissLabs expands its Hosted Exchange offering with MailStore, the reference for email archiving

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To communicate with their customers and partners as well as internally, companies have access to either mail servers or solutions hosted by a service provider. These messaging systems are not intended to store a very large volume of data.

For example, in the case of trustees, they must in principle keep their clients accounting pieces for 10 years. The time has come to digitalization and offices full of filing cabinets are increasingly giving way to digital documents. From then on, the email archive becomes preponderant to preserve exchanges between the parties.

The email archive should be considered as an extension of the current email system already in place and used in the same way. The administrator can decide which emails are to be archived and when, from when they can be permanently deleted from the archive. Archiving enables you to efficiently manage a large volume of data and provide all enterprise users with quick and easy access to archived emails.

What are the advantages of MailStore?

  • Legal: You can comply with the regulations in force in your profession regarding the retention period of emails and are thus in compliance with the legal framework. You have a centralized, complete and tamper-proof archiving of e-mails for a given period of time and are able to locate them at any time
  • Data loss protection: Users sometimes delete important e-mails without realizing it. This means that the company is losing valuable data every day. Archiving all emails immediately upon receipt or sending ensures that all your company’s emails are stored
  • Economical: MailStore helps you avoid server saturation, increased storage costs and the complexity of backup and recovery processes. These factors place very severe constraints on IT services and their budgets
  • Improved productivity: MailStore users can access their archives using a Microsoft Outlook add-in that integrates seamlessly into their existing work environment
  • Interoperability: Support for various messaging systems such as Microsoft Exchange 2003 to 2016, Office 365, Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

MailStore - Outlook integration

Tell us more about your email archiving issues, we love to hear about 🙂


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