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KissLabs expands its Hosted Exchange offering with MailStore, the reference for email archiving

To communicate with their customers and partners as well as internally, companies have access to either mail servers or solutions hosted by a service provider. These messaging systems are not intended to store a very large volume of data.
For example, in the case of trustees, they must in principle keep their clients accounting pieces for 10 years. The time has come to digitalization and offices full of filing cabinets are increasingly giving way to digital documents. From then on, the […]

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Citrix ShareFile : Outlook Plugin to manage easily the documents sharing

ShareFile is a filesharing solution powered by Citrix. A real alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, the solution can be hosted either in the KissLabs datacenter in Switzerland or directly on premises by integrating perfectly with existing infrastructures.
You have various questions about files/documents sharing :

“How am I going to send this large document knowing that my mailbox allows me sending only a few GB of data? “
“I am in a secure environment and transact confidential data, how do […]

Protect your email with an antispam shield!

Faced with the new wave of spread of malware that the MELANI reported last week, we chose to focus on an inseparable element of your messaging: antispam. To avoid spam, we offer a hosted solution in our datacenter in Switzerland.
It can be configured upstream of any existing messaging solution (your own servers, G Suite, Office 365 …) and allows you to take control of the security of the exchanges and to protect against current threats such as phishing, crypto […]

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Xink : a “corporate” email signature !

The email signature represents one of the first “visible” elements when you interact with your interlocutors outside the company (customers, suppliers, partners …) and can influence your brand’s perception. What do you think when you receive an email with a signature containing a pixelized logo, missing direct line or the use of different fonts and / or non-homogeneous sizes?
In order to provide a better user experience, simplicity and conformity of your email signature, KissLabs offers its customers the Xink […]