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KissLabs expands its Hosted Exchange offering with MailStore, the reference for email archiving

To communicate with their customers and partners as well as internally, companies have access to either mail servers or solutions hosted by a service provider. These messaging systems are not intended to store a very large volume of data.
For example, in the case of trustees, they must in principle keep their clients accounting pieces for 10 years. The time has come to digitalization and offices full of filing cabinets are increasingly giving way to digital documents. From then on, the […]

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Parlons peu…Parlons Cloud ! – Thursday 21 september 2017

KissLabs invites you for its second Cloud-based Meetup. We will have the pleasure to exchange around the virtual desktop DaaS (Desktop As A Service), in other words, access to your work environment by any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and by any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ios).
Consulting and legal approaches will be added to this first presentation and among the topics covered: pragmatic aspects related to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as well as the analytical tools […]

Logo Bitdefender GravityZone

Protect your company’s entry points against cyber attacks!

In front of increasing attacks linked to ransomwares in recent weeks, there is a plethora of more or less reactive anti-virus software. KissLabs is deploying Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security, a pioneer in detecting such attacks.
The solution is a set of security services designed for small and medium companies with simple and centralized management of workstations and servers. The cloud console allows you to apply policy and rules for automated deployment on your virtual machines without the installation of additional […]

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Xink : a “corporate” email signature !

The email signature represents one of the first “visible” elements when you interact with your interlocutors outside the company (customers, suppliers, partners …) and can influence your brand’s perception. What do you think when you receive an email with a signature containing a pixelized logo, missing direct line or the use of different fonts and / or non-homogeneous sizes?
In order to provide a better user experience, simplicity and conformity of your email signature, KissLabs offers its customers the Xink […]