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KissDaas - Swiss daas platform

We offer a DaaS (virtual desktops) dedicated to small and medium business which need same level of exigences and functionnalities as large companies. We built our platform on proven technologies delivered by known and recognized partners like VMware, Microsoft or Citrix. Driven by our certified team, We are prividing a shared platform for every SMBs which want to capitalize on the best of the actual technologies.

We are focused on the user experience and also strongly believe on the model Pay As you Grow. With a fixed monthly price by employee, your IT expenses are easy to forecast and we think that it could be a winning financial strategy for your business.

Our customers can focus on their core businesses. We are taking care of their IT strategy to keep it in line with their business needs.

It is time for you to get the whole advantages the technologies can offer you !

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Great features, Your advantages

Total Cost of Ownership

Significantly reduce the cost of operation and ownership of your it infrastructure. We can help you calculate your TCO with our exclusive tools.

Access from everywhere

With our platform you can access your work environment from everywhere, in the same status where you left it. You only need an internet connection (Cable, Fiber, 3G, 4G).

Always secured

All access between you and your platform are encrypted by AES 256. We are also offering an optional two-factor authentication.

Access from every equipements

With our platform, you can access your work environment from whatsoever equipment or operating system : desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, windows, linux, mac, android, ios.

Pay as you grow

You manage and adapt the number of virtual desktops you need. It simply follow your company growth.

Customer Support

All our Daas offers include automatically one monthly hour of support for each one of your employees.

Your business before

Don't worry about IT troubles (server down, is the backup working?, slow programs...) Stay focus on your core business !

Always Up to Date

All of our platform is maintain to be up to date (software and hardware) after a large amount of testing. Let us worry about it !

Disaster Recovery Plan

All your data are daily backuped. All the servers are redundants. Your Recovery Plan is only to have a device that works. Easy, no ?

How it works ?

Our DaaS offer in detail

Windows file server

- Easily share files and folders with your colleagues within your virtual desktop

IT support

- One support hour is included for each user

Firewall & Antivirus

- Your virtual desktop is protected by multiple firewalls and antivirus to avoid vulnerability

Remote access (SSL AES 256)

- Login securely every day for any location


- Monitoring your resources to anticipate any incident


- Daily backup of all your data and test the backups

Managed updates

- Providing a working platform always up-to-date

Availability (99.95%)

- Almost permanent availability provided to allow you to connect at any time

Swiss located

- All our online services are hosted in our swiss datacenter

Rendering GPU

- Improve the rendering of your virtual desktop and user experience with GPU technologies

Office apps (*)

- Microsoft Office Standard or Pro versions available depending on your needs

Custom apps

- Deployment of your own business applications (accouning app, CRM, ERP...)

Hosted emails

- Providing an hosted email platform powered by Microsoft Exchange technologies

Offline File Sync

- For a complete mobile user experience, providing KissFile solution, our file synchronization platform Dropbox-like


(*) All our desktops include by default these office applications : LibreOffice, 7zip, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, Printers management tools...

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