Need advanced graphics resources? GPU technology is for you!

Enhance your user experience with GPU technologies

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Nvidia Grid technology enriches your user experience with GPU graphics acceleration. Concretely, this translates into improved performance in graphics and computing in the use of virtual desktops and hosted applications.

With graphically accelerated virtual desktops, IT management is simplified because your desktop, graphically resource-intensive business applications, data and messaging are centralized in a virtual workspace that maximizes security, mobility, collaboration, productivity and flexibility.

GPU technologies to enhance your user experience with virtual cloud applications and desktops.

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Great features, your advantages


Facilitated exchange between in the field and office employees and high quality experience (ArcGIS Pro, AutoCad, Revit, Catia, SolidWorks...)

Finance and trading

Improved market analysis thanks to multi-display and 4K display (Murex, RMS...)


Simulation and 3D modeling realizations for research and diagnosis (BarraCUDA, Synomics Studio...)


A rich multimedia experience with graphic consuming applications (Photoshop, Premiere...)


Diagnostic quality improvement in the field of accuracy imaging (Digisens, Amber...)

Software companies

Application accessible by any device and via any operating system by developing a SaaS offer

How does it work ?

Graphic acceleration is the answer to the following issues:

  • My team of engineers is partly in the office and partly in the field. How to optimize the transmission of information within the team and thus promote productivity?
  • I have an internal resource delegated to IT but which is not the main position. How can we anticipate an IT-related outage that could mobilize many hours of work and make lose productivity on its main position?- I already have a virtual desktop or VDI with applications. I'm thinking of upgrading to a resource-intensive business application and I'm afraid I'll have to give up my existing infrastructure, which I'm completely satisfied with. How to do this?
  • Today, my computer environment is made up of aging workstations on which specific business applications are installed. How can I smooth out my renewal costs according to my usage and avoid excessive investment?
  • We are a small structure having developed a material requiring a specific application. How can we avoid spending time on the IT management while having predictive costs?

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