We would like to be fully transparent with our prices. Discover our standard pricing !

Please find our standard pricing

KissLabs Pricing

We apply standard market prices. We can also work on unlimited subscriptions according to your IT operation and subscribed services. This makes it easy to project yourself into your budgets when you're working on your IT.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote of your IT platform!

Hourly standard price (during office hours 7am - 8pm and for customer with no contract)
Trainee 120.-
Technician 150.-
Senior technician 180.-
Systems engineer 200.-
Network & Security engineer 200.-
Project manager 220.-
IT Consultant 220.-

All our customers with running contract have preferential prices.

Uplift applied for interventions in specific timezone (% from the standard price)
From 8pm to 0am & Saturday 125 %
From 0am to 7am & Sunday 150 %
Travel expenses (round trip)
Geneva area 50.-
Distance lower from 50 KM (start from Geneva) 80.-
Others regions 120.-

All prices are in swiss franc (CHF) and VAT excluded