You need to securly access to your files all the time, even when you are offline ? KissFile platform is the key !

KissFile - The dropbox-like

KissFile - Dropbox-like

KissFile is a secure data sync and sharing service based on Citrix ShareFile that allows you to mobilize all your enterprise data and empower your user productivity anywhere. Unlike others file sync and sharing tools like dropbox, onedrive or google drive, we can guarantee you that your data will not be anywhere else than our datacenter, in Switzerland in our storage system.

You can also choose to keep your data in your existing infrastructure, or choose a mix between on premise and KissLabs datacenter.

With an intuitive user experience, we are providing secured, controlled and flexible storage options !

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Great features, Your advantages

Your business before

Don't worry about where your files are and what happen if you lost your device. The system automatically synchronize your documents in our Swiss datacenter where they are daily backuped.

Access from everywhere

You can immediately & securely access to your corporate data even if you are not connected to internet all the time. Great tool when you're a globe trotter.

Always secured

All access between you and yours data are encrypted by AES 256. We are also offering an optional two-factor authentication.


KissFile embed a system of versionning that give you the possibility to work on the same file and merge it if there is multiple modification since you open it.

Access from every equipements

With the KissFile system, you can access to your corporate data on every equipment you want : desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, windows, linux, mac, android, ios.


KissFile can be associated to KissSaaS and KissMDM to get the full capabilities, advantages and the best mobility experience.

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