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PRTG : a network monitoring solution to guarantee operational IT infrastructure

PRTG : a network monitoring solution to guarantee operational IT infrastructure

PRTG Network Monitor is an availability monitoring solution for all network devices within an IT infrastructure.
Key features:

  • Traffic measurement and bandwidth consumption
  • Multi-site ease of deployment
  • Customizable with the possibility to create your own sensors
  • Setup on all devices: desktop, laptop, VM
  • A modern network monitoring considering IoT
  • Access from your mobile to your monitoring solution via iOS and Android apps
  • Simply monitor your applications and services: backups, mail servers, databases, Windows services and security, web applications
  • An effective notification system (escalation, grouped notifications, emails, SMS, push ...)
We can provide you a 30-days trial, limited to 100 sensors.

Nous pouvons vous mettre à disposition une version d'évaluation valable 30 jours et limitée à 100 capteurs. Pour plus d'informations, contactez-nous

Great features, Your advantages


The software benefits from a friendly and intuitive interface. With a few clicks, you can deploy the solution and begin to monitor your IT infrastructure.


A modern monitoring technology with suitable performances for any infrastructure size. You can start with 500 sensors and if your needs and infrastructure grow, an update to a higher number of sensors is possible.


All features are included in each license and require no extension. The solution is cross-platform and allows you for example to simply monitor any type of services: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Amazon ...

Controlled infrastructure

PRTG Network Monitor guarantees the availability of all your equipments by using the defined sensors.


PRTG offers 100 predefined sensors, specially designed to monitor websites, emails, applications, databases, virtual environments...

Controlled costs

PRTG Network Monitor allows you to reduce your costs significantly whereas open-source soluton by saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs).

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