What is the real key of a successfull migration to the cloud ? Only your user experience !

We are focused on your user experience

Roadmap KissLabs - How we work

We know that moving to the cloud can be a painful task when not well managed and planified. That's why you need to rely on a professional partner to help you get the most advantages of the cloud technologies.

Based on our technical knowledges, hundred of successfully completed projects and the audit of your company, we can conduct your IT project to the cloud and stay concentrated on your user experience and how the new system could interact with your employees, without interfering with your business but improving it.

With our principle KISS (Keep It Simple and Small), we built and follow this roadmap (ITIL compliant) with all our projects.

  1. you are facing some IT challenge that your actual infrastructure cannot solve"
  2. We are making a complete audit to see what are your whole IT needs (not only the problem you are facing)
  3. We discuss how we can customize our infrastructure to be in line with your identified business needs
  4. We build a proof of concept to show you how it will work
  5. We select specific early testers among your employees to test our new platform
  6. Your early testers validate our infrastructure. We adapt the solution chosen to get the easiest user experience, regarding their feedbacks
  7. With the minimum of impact / downtime for your employees, we disciplinary migrate the rest of your company
  8. We regulary meet each other to continuously improve your IT platform to keep it in line with your new business needs

We strongly believe that the user experience can really makes the difference for a successfully conducted project to the cloud computing.

Please also meet our team and find out all our technical certifications to know more about us !