How do our IT solutions meet the mobility needs of our customers?

Mobility, an IT challenge underestimated

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The workspace as we know it is evolving very rapidly. It is no longer necessary to be physically in the company's offices during normal office hours to be able to work on the files of the moment. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to work from home, from transport or even on the equipment of your choice, making it possible for you to be more efficient on a daily basis.

Based on our experience and the feedback of our customers, here is how our solutions have been able to provide the answers to their mobility needs.

Let's learn together how the three mobility challenges can be solved by outsourcing your IT in the cloud with a local partner

1 - Work from anywhere, anytime

Simple and universal access

Based on Citrix and Microsoft technologies, you'll need a simple internet connection to work on your working environment (cable, fiber, 3G, 4G) anywhere in the world and whenever you want. You will find it in the exact state you left it. You can access it from any hardware (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) or operating system (windows, linux, mac, android, ios). A pleasure for your nomade users.

Safety first and foremost

All access between you and your platform are encrypted by an AES 256 algorithm. We can offer two-factor strong authentication solutions via tokens, mobile applications or SMS. Since data is not routed over the physical equipment and applications are not installed, your infrastructure remains secure even if you connect from an open WiFi connection.

Bring Your Own Device

Let your employees bring their own equipment with them if they wish. Citrix access applications are compatible with all operating systems on the market (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android...). By offering up-to-date tools adapted to employees' needs, they do not rely on third-party solutions not managed by the company, such as copying documents to a USB stick or shared via a Dropbox.

2 - Ensuring performance and security of my IT

Hosted in Switzerland

All data hosted on our services are stored on our own servers in our own servers in our Swiss data center. From now on, the company's data no longer leaves the secure area, it is the employees who log in to access it. This ensures that sensitive data are not transferred / shared to third party services or equipment.

Regular backup

We back up your data daily and keep multiple recovery points over several weeks/months. We have 3 copies of each backup point, one of which is completely offline to avoid ransomware. Backup points are also regularly and randomly tested.

Physical redundancy and software

All of our physical equipment is redundant in several copies. The same applies to all our services. In addition, we have advanced support and partnership agreements with all the manufacturers, software publishers that make up our infrastructure. This helps to ensure increased availability.

Simplified maintenance and support

Our entire platform is kept up to date (software and hardware) after extensive upstream testing. We regularly update our services. Moreover, thanks to mutualisation, we can solve a problem for all the people working on the platform in a simple maintenance. In addition, since the core infrastructure is outsourced, on-site support to employees is kept to a minimum.

3 - Simplify my IT investments

Reduced ownership costs

Significantly reduce the capital and operating costs of your IT infrastructure. It is no longer necessary to invest x tens / hundreds of thousands of francs every 3 or 5 years. Smooth your investments thanks to monthly subscriptions that can include the whole operation of your information system (services and support to users).


All of our services are modular and can operate on their own or in combination with each other. You can adjust the amount of subscriptions for each month's service. This makes it easy to follow the evolution of your business and pay only for what you consume.

All-inclusive subscription and simplified forecasting

Our all-inclusive subscriptions allow you to have a fixed price per user for everything concerning your IT. Only the purchase of physical equipment on site remains at your expense but can be drastically reduced thanks to BYOD and thin-clients. This allows you to easily budget for your next strategic decisions and get a simple, clear view of how much your IT costs you.

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